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OGWhatsApp APK


Use WhatsApp with Two Different Numbers on the Same Phone!

2.11.432 for Android OGmods
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OGWhatsApp is quite a useful and indispensable application for people with two number or a dual sim phone. This application enables you to use WhatsApp with two different numbers on the same phone. This app is without doubt one of the most frequently downloaded mod of WhatsApp which has a lot of benefits.

OGWhatsApp APK can work by installing it in three simple steps. You have to first create a backup of your WhatsApp messages and delete the existing information. Then you need to change the name of the folder to OGWhatsApp via file manager. Finally, you need to just uninstall the WhatsApp app and install OGWhatsApp.

The benefits of OGWhatsApp App are more than just allowing you to use two numbers at the same time. You can share large multimedia files with a size of upto 50 MB and there are many more themes available to customize and personalize the app to your likings.

Moreover, you can even send unzipped images so as to preserve their original quality and even preview the images you receive before you download them. OG WhatsApp allows users to hide their notifications and also set passwords for certain chats for greater privacy.


  • Put longer status messages than usual.
  • Send file with formats such as eBooks as well.
  • Newer and wider category of interesting emojis.
  • Better functions of creating backups.
  • Recover data in a hassle free manner.
  • Hide status of typing or recording voice messages.

Users even have the choice of hiding their connection status in the OGWhatsApp Messenger. This means that even when you’re online, you can choose to show or not show your online status to others.

Name: OGWhatsApp
Developer: OGmods
App Version: v2.11.432
App Size: 10.74 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 2.1 & Higher
Category: CommunicationInstant Messaging 
License Type: Free
Downloads: 40,000,000+

Download OGWhatsApp APK Free for Android devices to access a newer and more feature-rich version of our loved WhatsApp which gives you greater flexibility and versatility.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.

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One of the Best Search Engine for Torrent Files!



idope APK
1.1 for Android idope

IDope is one of the best ‘search’ engine out of the others essentially for torrent files. This app lets you find any existing torrent files and provides a magnet link for the same, using which you can download the file via uTorrent or BitTorrent etc.

Idope APK has been recently released as a substitute to the most popular BitTorrent site, ‘Kickass’ which was unfortunately shut down. With a very convenient interface, idope displays a useful search box, using which you can search for your desired content across the torrent platform. The app even shows the most frequently downloaded torrent files which can help you know what is trending.

The ‘sorting’ feature of the idope app, provides categories such as movies, apps, video games or books which you can use to filter out your results. Interestingly, the app lets a user run his search in a secretive manner and thus the search history is hidden, to ensure maximum privacy.

Apart from providing comprehensive results, idope for Android devices displays them in the most user-friendly manner, by listing them in a decreasing order based on size, quality, number of downloads and so on.


  • Completely free of ads.
  • Maintains users’ privacy to the topmost extent.
  • Faster File sharing with others.
  • Speak recognition for searches in multiple languages.
  • Huge library of torrent files to choose from.
  • Totally free of malware content.

The magnet links which are listed by the side of the search results can be shared with anyone by simply copying a particular link and pasting it on any social platform including WhatsApp, Twitter or Instagram.

Name: idope
Developer: idope
App Version: v1.1
App Size: 2.02 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: ToolsDownload Managers
License Type: Free
Downloads: 5,000,000+

Download idope APK for Android devices to explore the vast content that exists in the Torrent Engine. Though it doesn’t let you download the Torrent files, it definitely gives the best search results and magnet links of your favorite movies or series.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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Download or Play Any Video You Wish from YouTube Easily!



12.43.52 for Android OGmods

OGYouTube is a perfect application which can help you perform all functions you normally have on the YouTube app with some unique and additional ones.

OG YouTube APK can help you play any video you wish apart from the advantage of allowing you to download videos on a single click. You can download these videos in any format available or even download it as an MP3 file.

You can play videos in the background, in a different pop-up window or even when the app screen is off. A feature which has been in demand for quite some time by many users. The OGYouTube App even allows you to download many files simultaneously to save time and efforts.

While using the OGYouTube Latest version, it is important to note that you must use the app as a guest user and not log in with your registered Google account. This app is one of the best downloaders for YouTube videos with an interface which is easy to navigate.


  • Download videos in quality from 140 to 1440 dpi.
  • Perform multiple downloads simultaneously.
  • View any videos like you usually do on YouTube.
  • Play videos without needing to keep the app window open.
  • Download videos in MP3, 3GP or MP4 formats.
  • Great functionality and usability of the interface.

The OG Downloader is without a doubt better than other options you may be using to download YouTube videos. This app takes away the hassle of copy-pasting video links and enables you to download videos with a single click.

Name: OGYouTube
Developer: OGmods
App Version: v12.43.52
App Size: 41.9 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: MultimediaVideo Players & Editors
License Type: Free
Downloads: 1,000,000+

Download OGYouTube APK Free for Android devices to access a comprehensive and all-in-one application which makes watching and downloading YouTube videos a simple cakewalk.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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My Talking Tom

The Cutest Kitten, the Coolest Cat & the Biggest Superstar in the World!



My Talking Tom APK for Android Outfit7 Limited

My Talking Tom is the perfect Android game which actually needs no introduction. It is a fun and exciting game wherein you are required to take care of your virtual pet ‘Tom’, the cat and ensure he always stays happy and full of life.

My Talking Tom APK essentially requires you to perform all the actions you would, if you had an actual living pet of your own. This means you bathe him, feed him, take him to the toilet and ensure he gets a good sleep everyday. The standard feature where Tom repeats whatever you say to him in a cute high pitched voice is better than ever.

For all the fashion fanatics out there, My Talking Tom Game is the best choice out of all games. You can dress Tom the way you like, in whatever outfits you wish to. You can dress him up in casual clothes or get him ready for an insane party. Moreover, you can even dress him up with clothes that make him look like a famous character like a superstar, a doctor, an astronaut or even a pilot, the choice is endless.

You should bear in mind that even Tom has emotions and thus you must take care of him to ensure he is always pleased. You can keep an eye on his emotions in real-time, as and when you play with him or stroke him. Talking Tom App can visit innumerable places, all depending on where you wish to take him.


  • Choose from more than 1000 combinations of outfits for Tom.
  • Make him visit the houses of his friends and other players.
  • Golden chests to win free items.
  • Integration with Outfit7’s websites for promotions.
  • Create videos you can share with others.
  • Purchase new items via virtual currency.

Moreover, there are a number of minigames in the My Talking Tom App which you can play to pass your time and keep Tom engaged. There is a wide variety to choose from like action, sports, adventure or even puzzle games.

Name: My Talking Tom
Developer: Outfit7 Limited
App Version: v5.2.1.313
App Size: 85.1 MB
Supported Android Version: Android 4.1 & Higher
Category: GamesCasual
License Type: Free
Downloads: 500,000,000+

Download My Talking Tom APK Free for Android devices to have your own little virtual cat and as you take care of him, have loads of fun by playing around with him.


  • Android version 4.1 or above.
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